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Why join the Kitsap Building Association?




KBA Mission:

The Kitsap Building Association is an association of professional builders, subcontractors, service providers and purveyors representing the construction industry.
The association provides information, education, and services that promote the health and welfare of the construction industry.As leaders of the industry, we foster safe, affordable housing, and promote economic development by advocating on behalf of the construction industry and the consumers that rely on it.

Our Association seeks:

  • To remain a proactive and positive influence in the legislative, regulatory, and civic arenas.
  • To foster public awareness of the contribution the construction industry makes to our community.
  • To encourage ethical conduct, good business practices, and professionalism among our members.
  • To be recognized as an organization that promotes to its members and the community as a whole the importance of responsible management of natural resources.

Built Green® 

Built Green® is a network of architects, builders, subcontractors, suppliers and real estate agents working together to improve your quality of life. By providing quality homes that are cost effective to own and operate, protect your family’s health and well being, and help preserve our beautiful Pacific Northwest environment.

Choose a Built Green® professional when you build, remodel, or buy a home. Put the power of a dedicated network and its combined knowledge to work.