The Kitsap Building Association (KBA) is vitally concerned with the legal and economic issues that define the limits of our homebuilding industry, as well as for the citizens who live within its boundaries. As general contractors, suppliers and support service associates who make up the second largest industry in America, we develop and build homes in accordance with many governmental regulations. Our customers and Kitsap County citizens bear a continuing substantial increase of cost and tax burden that is threatening to eliminate entry-level housing. Therefore, as members of the KBA we believe that it is in the community’s best interest for us to explain our positions on key issues that will impact economic soundness of the homebuilding industry in Kitsap County. These are our policy statements.

(Statement adopted 2002)

Impact Fees

The cost of new infrastructure for growth should be equitable as applied for new homeowners. Development in certain locations that benefit current taxpayers, as well as new residents or businesses, should be supported by new infrastructure that is not exclusively paid for by impact fees. Deferring the collection of impact fees to final occupancy rather than the issuance of a building permit will minimize the earlier payment cost multiplier effect, which increases the cost of the home to the buyer.

One-Stop Permit Center

The need for streamlining the permitting process in Kitsap County has existed for many years. It is incumbent upon our county government to recognize this urgent need and provide the necessary facilities and personnel to accomplish this goal for the benefit of our clients and citizens of Kitsap County. The most viable solution to this problem is the establishment of a one-stop permit center which will consolidate the functions of the Department of Community Development, Public Works, and Environmental Health.

Comprehensive Plan Review

KBA is committed in its vigilance of the Comprehensive Plan review. These reviews must be completed annually. As Kitsap County’s residential, commercial and industrial bases continue to grow, it is important that our Comprehensive Plan undergo the scrutiny that will determine proper and adequate revisions to areas sensitive to change.

Buildable Lands

The KBA believes that the Buildable Lands Program must properly evaluate all land included within current and future urban growth areas to ensure future housing, business, industrial and recreation growth can occur. Failure to ensure adequate developable and buildable land will result in significant scarcity-driven appreciation of land, lots and homes.

Affordable Housing

Providing our citizens safe, affordable housing is the central component to the mission of our Association and the home building industry. We recognize that government regulation and taxation significantly impact our customer-orientation with regard to affordable housing. In order to ensure adequate available affordable housing, government should balance the interests of the consumer with the intent of its regulations.

Green Building

The Home Builders Association of Kitsap County has been a leader of green building. We are committed to remaining a leader. Since the inception of our Built GreenĀ®/Build A Better Kitsap program in 1996, we have recognized that home building techniques such as durable products, reduction of environmental impact, indoor air quality, and conservation of natural resources are considerations that need to be addressed by our industry.

Stormwater Management

Our Association recognizes that sufficient remedies for stormwater deficiencies are overdue. However, such remedies must be cost-effective and based upon common sense. Best management practices should encompass a regional strategy for urban growth areas. Municipalities should provide stormwater management for pre-existing development.