Member Benefits


As a member of the HBA you will have access to hundreds of other member companies. We encourage and promote members doing business with other members by holding events each month and throughout the year that foster those relationships. Visit the HBA Events & News section to see all the various events, activities, and committees meeting in the coming weeks.

In addition to the ongoing events like Builder Breakfast meetings, Spring and Fall socials, dinner events and others, each major event of the HBA has a planning committee: Golf Tournament, Dinner & Auction, Peninsula Home & Garden Expo, and Peninsula Home & Remodel Expo. Contact the HBA for more details on how and why to get involved.

The HBA also has standing committees related to the important work of the Association and its members. They include the list that follows. Be sure to contact the HBA for more information:

Kitsap HBA RemodelersKitsap HBA Remodelers Council – For a small additional annual fee ($50), HBA members can join the Council and attend its professional education, and issues focused meetings. As a local member of the Council you also become a member of the National Association of Home Builder’s Remodelers Council. As one long standing member and professional remodeler has put it, “I like the Council because I’d rather bid against well informed, professionals than those that throw together unrealistic bids based on a poor understanding of what it takes to run a professional remodeling business.”

HBA Developer’s Council – For our members in the land development industry (developers, real estate investors, engineers, land use attorneys, etc) the Developer’s Council is a long standing, regular meeting of development professionals. Many of the successes the HBA has had on Kitsap area code related concerns have been by the study and work of this group of knowledgeable professionals.

Membership Committee – Members are the heart of our association and in order to reach out to all the companies in Kitsap that would benefit from an HBA membership, the HBA has a group of volunteers that focus on just that. For those that are interested in networking, this is the committee for you! That cold call becomes much warmer when you’re able to speak peer-to-peer about the Home Builders Association of Kitsap County.

Government Affairs – Each month the Government Affairs Committee meets on topics important to our members. Typical meetings include an elected official guest speaker, training information on how to use important government tools, like a Small Works Roster for finding jobs, and during the election season this committee conducts interviews of candidates seeking elected office.


Members of the HBA have the buying power that comes from Association leverage.


My Sound Strategy Business Development Package – HBA members doing business with member company, Sound Publishing’s parent company Sound Media will get preferred pricing on Sound_Media_Logotheir My Sound Strategy business development package!  This multi-media campaign comes with a professionally designed logo, branding style guide, a 5 page website, branded social media set-up and limited print and online advertising.  HBA members have the competitive advantage over non members, and access to this type of marketing support at a reasonable price is just another example of how our members set themselves apart from all the rest.  My Sound Strategy


Health Insurance – Offered through the BIAW Health Insurance Program, members can apply for a competitive, high quality, health insurance plan for their company. Ready to apply for a BIAW Health Ins ProgramFREE quote? Download the Quote Request Form and fax it to the number provided on the form.




NAHB Member Advantage – Member Advantage gives members an easy way to reduce expenses, maximize profits and increase efficiency. Through agreements with leading national Ad.QuarterPg.HorzV2.InD.inddcompanies, NAHB offers exclusive discounts on a variety of products and services that can benefit your business, employees and family. In a three year period, collectively NAHB members have saved over $21,000,000 through Member Advantage. For the most up-to-date information about which companies are offering discounts as well as detailed information on how to access the savings, please visit


National Purchasing Partners – NPP is one of the nation’s largest group purchasing organizations, leveraging the purchasing power of its combined membership to offer superior discounts from world class vendors. Providers including Staples and Verizon Wireless offer huge savings to member companies. For the complete list of current Purchasing Partners click here.

NAHB Builder BooksNAHB Builder Books – Through the buying power and resources of the National Association of Builders, you have access to an incredible book store of construction related books to help you stay on top of your profession. Use this link to see all the is available to you through

Industry Representation/Advocacy

National Association of Home BuildersHome Builders Association of Kitsap CountyBuilding Industry Association of Washington

Joining the Home Builders Association of Kitsap County includes many benefits. One benefit you can’t get anywhere else, and no other trade association is going to provide to you, is the knowledgeable and constant advocacy for you and your industry. With over 50 years of experience working with Kitsap’s elected officials, the HBA is a highly respected and a well qualified representative of the local construction industry. Additionally, by joining the HBA you automatically become a member of the Building Industry Association of Washington, and the National Association of Home Builders. At each level, staff are monitoring regulations and working on your behalf (often on issues the average business owner isn’t even aware is developing).

Money Back Programs

Who wants to leave money on the table? Wouldn’t you rather get it back to spend as you wish? Members in the HBA can access a variety of “money back” programs.
Check them out here:

R.O.I.I. SelectROII Select – The BIAW Return on Industrial Insurance (R.O.I.I.® ) program, the largest retrospective ratings group in the state, provides member companies with several important advantages, including the possibility of getting some of the money you pay to Labor and Industries each year back in your pocket. Only companies that participate in a safety program and risk pool, like our R.O.I.I. Select program, can get a portion of their L&I premium back.  To learn more visit for additional details.

BIAW Rebates – The Member Rebate Program is the result of using the combined buying power of BIAW’s Builders and Remodelers, combined with many other state associations, to qualify for the same manufacturer rebates the nation’s largest Builders receive. You are not required to change how they do business; no receipts are required; and the claim form is easy to fill out and submit. Visit the BIAW webpage for the simply steps to get started!


Free HBA Website Member Listing – Gain a presence on the Internet without the responsibility of building and managing your own site, with your membership information listed in our online membership directory. View our Find A Member section to see what your listing might look like. If you have a website, we will link it and any other social media tools you use like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Our membership list is available to the public and other members 24 hours per day, seven days a week.

Printed Member Directory – An annual directory of HBA members is produced and printed each year. These directories are mailed to all current members, provided to all new members throughout the year, and provided free to hundreds of visitors to our two annual Expos.

Build & Remodel on the Kitsap Peninsula – The official publication of the Home Builders Association of Kitsap County, this beautiful publication is provided to Kitsap’s home owners andPrint business owners throughout the County.  Published twice each year to keep it fresh and current, the B&R is the best publication for your advertisements.  This is the perfect publication for all of the HBA members as the consumers reading it are interested in their home and other buildings they own.  Keeping it fresh, we publish an entirely new edition twice each year but not so frequently that your ad hasn’t had time to make an impact.  Advertising is affordable and members advertise at a reduced rate.  In addition to our county-wide distribution, we hand the magazine out generously at each of our two annual Peninsula Home Expos.  For more information on the current rates and print dates, please email the HBA at

Advertising Opportunities – Members of the HBA can advertise on this website, in our annual printed directory, in the HBA monthly newsletter (produced by the Kitsap Peninsula Business Journal and distributed each month as the center insert to every business in Kitsap County), and in the Remodel Kitsap magazine (a printed publication of the HBA).