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Building Professionals

Builders and sub-trades, architects, real estate agents, lenders, and other professionals who work in building-related fields all have a role to play in creating energy-efficient homes.

The Kitsap HBA’s Built Green┬« program requires professionals to be intentional about the choices made about each certified project and requires them to continue their education over time. The program teaches new techniques and alternatives from traditional construction to ensure the final product supports the “reduce, reuse, recycle” sustainability cycle. The program also allows for creativity and flexibility to ensure the specific goals of the builder or homeowner are captured like indoor air quality, energy efficiency, waste reduction, and other quality of life concerns.

The Kitsap HBA Built Green program has been addressing the needs of people and the environment for over 15 years. Builders can join the Built Green program and provide today’s consumer with a certified Built Green home they can be proud of.


The energy-saving upgrades done on the HBA Headquarters are applicable to most homes. The first step for homeowners is to have a custom energy assessment done to identify the best places to save energy.

RePower Kitsap is a county-wide program dedicated to helping you save money through energy efficiency, increasing the comfort, health and safety of your home, and creating local jobs. RePower Kitsap provides in-home energy assessments, energy-efficiency financing and incentives, and a local, skilled workforce to make achieving these goals easier and more affordable. The easy three-step process for homeowners starts with an energy assessment to find savings, an energy upgrade conducted by qualified trade ally, and financial incentives including cash-back rebates, tax credits and financing. Learn more about how you can benefit from the RePower Kitsap program.

Homeowners who want to do a green remodel that includes more than just energy upgrades should check out the Built Green program for ideas and for certification of the project. Before hiring a contractor, homeowners should check out the list of members of the Home Builders Association and read this information about How to Hire a Contractor.