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Required Exhibitor Forms

Each exhibitor must submit an Exhibitor Contract, Reservation Form, Exhibitor Order Form, and Badge Request form*. All of these forms are listed below.

*In addition to these printable forms, you are required to submit a certificate of liability insurance naming the KBA and Kitsap County as additional insured. See contract item 2.19 for details on the insurance requirements, or contact KBA.


You may download the 2018 Peninsula Home and Remodel Show Vendor Packet here: 2018 Fall Expo Packet

Exhibitor Contract — REQUIRED. Booth reservations cannot be secured without this form. Be sure to read the terms and fully complete and sign this form before you submit it to the KBA.

Exhibitor Reservation Form — REQUIRED. Booth reservations cannot be secured without this form. Please fill out completely and submit to the KBA.

Exhibitor Order Form — REQUIRED. Use this form to request equipment for your booth such as tables, chairs, electricity, etc., as well as free and inexpensive promotional materials. KBA can only guarantee equipment will be available at the time of set up if this form is submitted on or before the due date indicated on the form. Note: Outdoor exhibitors use this form to request a canopy for your display.

Badge Request Form— REQUIRED. Use this form to request Exhibitor Badges for those working your booth. Up to 6 badges are included in your booth cost, and additional badges may be purchased at a low cost. These badges are only required to be worn when the staff person is entering the facility or outside of their booth, and allows Expo staff and volunteers to differentiate between exhibitors and an unpaid visitor. Additional fees apply to badges ordered after the deadline indicated on the form. Please read this form carefully, fill out and submit to the KBA.

Please read these documents carefully to ensure you understand the requirements for Kitsap Sun Pavilion vendors and the parking instructions for ALL vendors:

Pavilion Set Up Requirements —  If you have a booth in the Kitsap Sun Pavilion building you are required to abide by the special requirements set in place by Kitsap County Parks Department to protect the all purpose sports flooring.  These requirements are strictly enforced by Expo Management and the Kitsap County Parks Department.

Parking Instructions—  Print and review carefully. Exhibitor parking is FREE when you park in the designated areas, however fees may be assessed to any vendor found to be in violation of these rules.

Parking Instructions – Fall


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